Couldnt connect to 1Password with Safari

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  • I've had this problem for a couple weeks now and I must say it makes using 1Password very difficult. I've completely removed 1Password and Extension (and related support directories) and reinstalled from the website and it still gives me the "Couldn’t connect to 1Password
    Make sure you have the 1Password app installed. If you're still experiencing problems follow the simple steps on our support site or contact us." error.
    Need resolution on this ASAP. I have the latest OS X (10.12.5), Safari (10.1.1), and 1Password (6.7.1).

  • What appears to happen is:
    1) Click the 1Password icon in the Safari toolbar
    2) New page opens and popup says, "Do you want to allow this page to open “1Password 6”?"
    3) Click Allow
    4) If 1Password app is opened, it gets closed
    5) The icon for 1Password mini gets selected (blue)
    6) The webpage from step 2 says "Couldn’t connect to 1Password" with Try Again

  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni

    Hi @seankovacs,

    I split your comments from the other thread since the issue appears to be slightly different and more related to an issue of connection between the 1Password extension in Safari and the 1Password app rather than soley a problem with the extension.

    • The connection can fail because an Anti-Virus app is interfering with the connection. The most common one we see is the Sophos Anti-Virus package - may I ask if you have that or any other Anti-Virus running?

    • The second most common way it can fail is that a proxy VPN or privacy app is being used on your computer. Would you know if you have anything like that running?

    • In addition to the above two questions, it would help me a lot in determining what the issue might be by taking a look at a Diagnostics Report for your computer. I'd like to ask you to create a diagnostics report from your Mac:

      Sending Diagnostics Reports (Mac)

      Attach the diagnostics to an email message addressed to [email protected].

      With your email please include:

      • A link to this thread:
      • Your forum username: seankovacs

      That way we can "connect the dots" when we see your diagnostics in our inbox.

      You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number.  Please post that number here so we can track down the diagnostics and ensure that this issue is dealt with quickly. :)

      Once we see the diagnostics we'll be able to better assist you. Thanks very much!

    Looking forward to hearing back.

    Best regards,

  • Hey @matthew_ag , here is the ID: #PGD-39221-764. Thanks for looking into this for me.

  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni

    Got it, thanks @seankovacs.

    We will take a look and email you shortly.

  • I appear to be having this same issue in Safari. It started all of a sudden about a week ago. Was there a solution to this problem? I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension as well as rebooting the computer.

    The 1Password extension is working with no problems in both Firefox and Vivaldi.

    I would be happy to send along the diagnostics.


  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    Hi, Craig. Normally this indicates something is interfering with the connection. Safari still uses the old connection approach whereas Firefox and Vivaldi both now are using the new native messaging approach. This page and particularly the bits about firewalls and proxies should get things going. If not, please do send in the diagnostics report and let us know the ticket id you get back from BitBot.

    Jamie Phelps
    Code Wrangler @ AgileBits
    Fort Worth, Texas

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