double content after synchronization

ver. 6.8.1 (macOS)
ver. 6.8.2 (iOS)

After synchronization I have all of my items double, on both, macOS and iOS. Why that?

I had previously synced with Dropbox, today with iCloud. Is the change to blame? Is it because of the change? Why can not I find and remove identical entries?

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    HI @kazu -- without being there, it's hard for me to say what might have caused that, but yes, I'm guessing switching from Dropbox to iCloud is responsible for the issue. The best way to check is to open 1Password for Mac Preferences > Backup. This will give you all of the automatic backups made by 1Password for the last month or so. On the right side of the window, you'll see how many items you have in 1Password for each backup. Look back in time, and see if that number jumps dramatically from one backup to the next. If so, that's where things went wrong. Let us know if you see anything like that. If you can, we'll be able to restore to an older backup that contains only the information you had originally, then we can figure out how you'd like to set sync.

  • Yes you can see the jump very well between the 8th and 10th of September.

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    @kazu - Thanks for the follow-up. I've responded via email, in case we need to discuss personally-identifying information.

    ref: UMU-73173-323

  • Hi Lars,
    I did it as you wrote. I deleted the local macOS and iOS content, after that I load the last backup on macOS. The macOS App looks fine, but the iOS App has only unbenannt (untitled) items and folders. The items are empty, without URL, user name, password, etc.
    What to do? I've deleted the iOS apps, after that I reinstalled the Apps. Then I restart the iCloud synchronization, and after that all the items were correct on board.

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    Glad to hear that helped! Unfortunately we don't have any control over sync unless you're using a account, but it's good that you were able to get it sorted out. Cheers! :)

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