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My Credit Card was declined when trying to purchase the subscription on the website because I am in the US. I get a call regarding fraud. If I subscribe for $3.99 in the app store, does this unlock the Windows 10 client and website and everything, or is this just for the app itself? I want to be able to use 1Password on my Windows 10 PC at home as well as my iPhone.

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    Hi @antman157 -- unfortunately, this is a bank-by-bank issue that we can't control. I live in the USA as well, and have had no problems subscribing using my own card. You'll need to either try a different card (if you have one and are willing to use it), contact your bank to resolve the problem, or use the Apple subscription method you discovered. The latter will make you a 1Password subscriber, and you'll get access to all the apps (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android), as well as all the other benefits of a 1Password membership.

    ref: b5bo1067957, QYH-92651-227

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