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I used 1Password for years on my Mac. I switched to Windows a year ago (ish) and had to stop using 1Password because you couldn't save new logins on Windows at the time, which was a total deal-breaker.

So now I see that the Mac, Windows, iOS & Android licenses I purchased for full price are now worth nothing, as you've switched to a subscription model.

I'm personally a bit offended that previous customers (on your buy once, own for lifetime model) get no discount whatsoever on your now mandatory subscription based plans.

Please don't come in and say you still offer the download for 1Password 4 on Windows, as without the ability to save logins to your 1Password vault on Windows makes the program completely useless in my opinion.

So, here I am. Disappointed with the competition, but frustrated that I have to pay full-whack yet again for your product if I wish to return.

So, before I give you more money,... I'd like to know what I'm getting into.

1) If I purchase a subscription, can I finally save new logins on Windows with your new app? This point is crucial, I want to know if I can do it now, not later down the line.

2) Same as #1 but applied across Android & iOS.

3) Has the interface changed? 1Password 4 was extremely ugly compared to 1Password 6 on OS X. I hope that the experience is as polished and feature complete as 1Password 6 on OS X.

4) Does the new version of 1Password's chrome extension also support auto-complete of login forms, saving newly entered logins to 1Password's database etc?

Thank you very much.

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    Hi @Zack_Mac -- thanks for taking the time to write out your questions and concerns. However, a few of the things you assert simply aren't accurate, so let's clear those up first, hopefully that will help! :)

    To start, it's not the case that either the Mac or Android licenses you purchased or the complimentary Windows license you received from us are "worth nothing." This gets to your point about "buy once own for lifetime." While you do indeed own any 1Password license you have "for a lifetime," what's not - and never has been - included with any 1Password license is free upgrades forever. We have never offered for sale any license or any other agreement that allows a buyer to pay once and receive all new versions/updates indefinitely.

    Having said that, every 1Password license since the very beginning is "perpetual" in the sense that you can use it under the terms you purchased it, forever. A license for 1Password 3 for Mac purchased in 2009 will still allow you today to license 1Password 3 for Mac on any Mac you wish to install it onto, for example. It just doesn't entitle you to the current version of 1Password 6 for Mac.

    As time marches on, and not only hardware devices but also the very OSes that run on them continue to evolve, so does 1Password. It's up to us, with every new full-version upgrade, to demonstrate enough added value for users to upgrade. We think (and sales figures support) that we've done a good job of that, despite not having charged for an upgrade on the Mac side, for example, since 1Password 4 for Mac (both version 5 and 6 have been complimentary). When it arrives, 1Password 7 will be a paid upgrade for existing license holders. And yes, we've added a subscription model for those who prefer not only the ease and security of a 1Password membership but also not having to bother managing various licenses for various versions on various platforms. But the existing license-upgrade model will not be going away, as we’ve announced on our blog. So, if you prefer to pay for upgrades to existing licenses, you're certainly welcome to! We'll continue to encourage users to try out a 1Password membership, because we feel it's by far the best option for 99.99% of our user base. But the choice will remain yours.

    You also mentioned being unable to save logins in 1Password for Windows? 1Password 6 for Windows was written only for 1Password accounts, so you need a membership (account) to utilize it. However, I'm not sure what you mean when you say that 1Password 4 for Windows doesn't allow you to save logins to an existing standalone vault -- it certainly should, just as 1Password 6 for Windows should save items to any account vault.

    To address your specific questions:

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes -- but don't take my word for it; check it out for yourself or view some of the images at our support site
    4. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "autocomplete" in the context of 1Password -- can you elaborate on that one? It certainly supports saving logins, but as I mentioned, existing versions do that as well.

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