Is there a set up and user manual?

I have a trial version that I downloaded today and I'm a bit confused. I don't see "vaults" and I'm not sure how to use them. Not sure how the backup is happening (can't remember if I selected iCloud and not sure how to check), etc. Would like to understand the basics to get going quickly and easily.

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    Welcome to the forum, @Pattiji -- thanks for the question. We don't have a "user manual" per se, as this changes so rapidly in some of the finer details that it would be out of date as soon as we printed it, at least in parts. Instead, we maintain a robust support site which contains not only troubleshooting steps but also many how-tos, frequently illustrated or with video to help assist you.

    In your case, I'd start with Getting Started, where you'll find setup guides for various platforms -- just to make sure you got everything right. Then you can move on to Get to know 1Password for Mac or whichever platform is appropriate for you. Between the two of those, you should be up and running in no time! If you run into any questions or difficulties, however, the search bar at the top of every page there can often point you straight to the issue you're looking to solve. And of course, if you need to speak with one of us, we're always here -- well, nearly always. Welcome to 1Password, we're glad to have you!

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