I have a functioning 1password account. I need to delete it and create a new account.

Hello! I currently have functioning 1Password account. it was previously linked with another person as well as a family business. Though I no longer see the shared member in any way, the family business vault is still visible as one of my vaults. I see no option to delete this. I also have tried to login to 1password's website but it prompts for security code or something similar. I do not have one and believe the previous family member held one. When I try to reset this code, 1password tells me there is no account set up under my email address. Long story short, I would like to start fresh and delete this old account without loosing all of the data. I would like to start a new FAMILY membership ASAP. Thank you for your help.

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    @christiancardone: I don't see a 1Password account associated with the e-mail address you've registered with on the forum. Given that this is a potentially a security concern for you, I think it may be best to move this to e-mail so that we're able to discuss in-depth without having to post any personal information publicly. I've gone ahead and sent you an e-mail with some initial questions for you and we'll move forward via e-mail from there. Thanks! :+1:

    ref: PKZ-47869-982

  • I am able to access my account through my iPhone, macbook and iPad. I believe my former family member may have been a primary or something? They may have the actual account info and I am only able to login. I am unsure and no longer have access to this family member.

  • @christiancardone: So long as you can access the items you need, we can move them to a new account and delete them from the old one. That doesn't mean the family member can't have accessed this account, but we can discuss that further in our e-mail conversation. On your iPhone, if you tap Settings > 1Password accounts > Your Account, you can see account details there. Please reply to my e-mail with the e-mail address noted there (don't post it here, since this is a public forum) and I'll help you get things moved over via e-mail. :+1:

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