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Just got a new IP8 and in setting it up, for the first time ever, I selected restoring from the iCloud rather than restoring from my iTunes latest backup. Now when trying to open 1PW on the phone, I was first getting a prompt for an old password that I don't remember. At least for now, I can still access my 1PW account on my MBA, iPad and Win10 computer.

However, when trying to bring it up on my new IP8, I first got the prompt for my old access password. Then some prompts to enter with some Goolge password and now, I can run 1PW from my new phone, but I get an annoying message that says...

Dropbox Authorization Failed
It appears 1Password is no longer authorizied to connect to your Dropbox account. Tap "Authorize" to reconnect to Dropbox.

I then get 2 options, Dismiss or Authorize.

A little history. About a month or so ago I was having trouble syncing between my devices and one of the options I tried was DropBox. I "think" I finally got 1PW to sync via iCloud. IF I click on Authorize, I go through a loop without any action, returning the the message above. IF I instead click on Dismiss, the normal 1PW screen pops up and semi allows my access to my password, but after a few seconds, the same annoying message reappears on my screen.

Any suggestion as to how I can make this annoying message history? I have all the latest software on the IP8 (iOS 12.x)

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    Hi @starflyer,

    I think we'll be able to get through this more quickly via email. I've sent you an email to get us started.


    ref: YLU-88423-669

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