Want Suggestions For Android VPN Apps That Work On Tabs

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I am a US expat currently residing in Philippines and need to watch HBO Go & Netflix. The reason is that Philippines Netflix really has some [inappropriate language removed by AgileBits] titles and I can't event watch Moana from there as it's appearing only in US library. I have a Samsung Tab. Kindly suggest me a VPN that works on a Tab and I can easily stream my stuff on it. Need suggestions based on experience and please if you haven't personally used it then don't comment.

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    @Erikaray: This isn't a general Android discussion forum, but a support forum for 1Password, so this may not be the best place. I've personally used IronSocket briefly, which worked at that time, and I've been a long-time VPNUnlimited user — but that only worked when I was paying for a dedicated VPN server for myself. And it seems to change over time as Netflix tries to block more VPNs. Probably a better question for a steaming media forum, but hopefully that helps a bit. Cheers! :)

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