Android app switched from licensed login to one requiring secret key

I have licensed copies of 1Password for Mac OS, iOS, Android and Windows. I was trying to figure out what the subscription based 1Password was and in my confusion I created a new account using my current 1Password email address. I got an email back from [email protected] and hit the verify link. That brought me to 1Password website with a Secret Key. I didn't want to start a trial so I closed the page.

The first time I used the Android app it no longer links to my account in Dropbox. If I try to sign in to my account it prompts for sign-in address ( and Secret Key which I don't have. The odd thing is when I sign into 1Password with the MacOs or Windows I can see my linked file from Dropbox. I don't have an iPhone at the moment so I don't know what would happen with it.

How do I get my Android phone to log back using just my email address, license number and password? Thanks.

1Password Version: 6.61
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 7.0
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • @drew289: I went ahead and moved this to the Android topic since your question is more about the Android app than the account itself. I hope you don't mind. :chuffed:

    To get the Android app back to using Dropbox, you'll need to first delete and reinstall 1Password for Android. When you open 1Password, you'll see a Dropbox option on the Welcome screen. Tap that option, and follow the on-screen instructions to authorize 1Password to access Dropbox. Check the name of the vault 1Password finds -- if you have more than one, you'll want to make sure it's the proper vault. Tap choose another if 1Password picks the wrong one. Once you find the right vault, enter your Master Password for the vault and you'll be all set. :+1:

  • Problem seems to be solved, thank you.

  • Not a problem @drew289! Glad to hear everything is sorted. :chuffed:

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