Trial, lost information

Hi, I was just trying 1password on the trial, didnt use it, and forgot to unsubscribe when using the first 30 days.
Ive lost my login information.

The account is not important and I have nothing to recover, I'm just looking to get into the account so I can stop payment.

I never installed on mobile, only on my windows platform and I don't have ANY access to this account. I've tried everything
I can to recover the account but I simply have no access.

My secret key begins with A3-Y5L53.

Thank you for the help.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • FrankFrank

    Team Member

    Hi Coltaine - Thank you for reaching out to us. I just sent you over an email so we can work on this together. At your earliest convenience reply back to me over there so I can get this squared away for you :smile: Talk to you soon.

    ref: EZQ-28997-385

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