We have multiple users that need to access the shared vault from multiple workstations.

We have many users that need to access the shared vault from various different workstations--and they move around from computer to computer throughout the day. The problem is that only one person can log into the app on each workstation, so how do we work around that? Should I just set up an individual account and have everyone share the same master password?

1Password Version: 6.8.2
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OS Version: Yosemite 10.10.5
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    Welcome to the forum, @jbona! This isn't the first time we've heard a user describe a situation like this one. Unfortunately, it's also not something we can realistically solve, either -- at least, not with the current security model of 1Password. 1Password Teams is designed for groups working together to be able to share data in not just the Shared vault but any configuration of additional vaults, as well.

    What it's NOT designed to do is allow multiple users to all use 1Password in a single user-account on multiple computers. If you've got multiple workstations set up in a physical office space, and a number of different users that do not have "assigned seats," so to speak, but who instead may be using any given computer at any given moment, there is no good solution.

    The two least-bad ways to address this would be if you're willing to create individual user-accounts on every shared workstation in the office, so that each person who happens to sit down at that particular computer could log in to their own account on the computer. That way, each person could use the native 1Password app with their own 1Password Teams account.

    If you can't or don't want to set up individual user accounts on each computer and have people sign into their own account each time they use a different computer, then the next best option would be either multiple user profiles in browsers (Chrome and Firefox offer this; Safari does not), which would accomplish sort of the same thing, but you wouldn't be able to use native 1Password apps; each person would have to sign into their 1Password Teams account using the browser. Finally, you could simply have each person who uses the shared workstations sign into their 1Password Teams account when they use the computer, and sign back out again when they stop using it. This would require each person to clear the former user's email address and Secret Key (obfuscated) from the browser memory, each time a new person signed in.

    We're fully aware that none of these are ideal solutions for the type of office it sounds like you have set up, and I wish I could offer you a more elegant solution that involved less work. Unfortunately, with the way 1Password functions to keep data private and secure, there is no such way beyond what I've suggested above. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Thank you for your detailed response with suggested solutions. The platform is terrific for its intended purpose--like you explained, I am definitely asking for something that it is not designed to do (for obvious security reasons!).

    Thanks again,

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    @jbona -- you're quite welcome. I wish I had a more elegant solution for you. It's something we continue to kick around and try to imagine how we could solve it within 1Password itself, but so far, no good solutions that wouldn't cause as many problems as they solve. Keep an eye on updates, though -- we are always looking for ways to improve the 1Password experience for our users. Thanks again for being a 1Password user, and have a great rest of your week! :)

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