libopvault: open source OPVault decryption Linux library in C++

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I've developed in my (scarce) spare time this Linux library to decrypt 1Password databases in OPVault format:
This is alpha quality software: it's pretty untested and lacks of a lot of features, but I can decrypt successfully the (2) sample databases I have.
If you can help to complete the library, get in touch!
If you have front end dev skills, feel free to use the library to create a proper GUI app. In the test directory there is a straightforward usage example (no docs yet >_<).



  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @torshind: That's really cool! Obviously we can't offer an endorsement (not that you were looking for one), but it's interesting to see what you and others in the community come up with. :)

  • Hi @torshind

    Just wanted to say thanks for creating this library!

    I discovered it this morning and basically had to stop everything and build a linux client, specifically tailored to dmenu users like myself.

    I now have a 1password experience on linux that is exactly the way I want (modeled after passmenu which I loved, but never really migrated to because of lack of mobile, windows, and mac support). It actually goes a step further and not only can it manage the pasteboard but it can use xdotool to input directly into the focused application -- so I don't need a browser extension and can use it at terminal password prompts, etc.

    It can be found here

    I just wish I could use it to create new logins and generate passwords too! If you add support for that I'll be sure to extend 1passmenu

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Nice! We can't ever recommend someone enter their Master Password into something other than 1Password, but thank you for sharing that! :):+1:

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