0.9.3 - Show tip to remove browser history when removing an account

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Hi guys,

When removing my account from the extension to try that out, I wanted to add it again.
I noticed that a lot of my account information was already filled in; email, secret key with part of it shown and I only had the master password left to fill in. This information is deletable by clearing your browser history (not sure which part, because I cleared the cookies and restarted the browser, but the information was somehow retained).
I also noticed that this information is only retained when you do not select: "This is a public or shared computer". So I guess I had that coming.

Still, when I am going to use a pc where I am not an admin (borrowing it?) and cannot install any of the usual 1Password programs, I would love to be able to just install the chrome extension, connect my account, do whatever business I need to perform and leave the 'unclean' pc without a trace of my 1Password information.
Removing my personal information seems to entail these two tasks:

  • remove the account
  • clear the total browser history

Is it possible to make the last task a bit more automatic? For when I didn't specify; "This is a public or shared computer" ?
My suggestions are:

  • show as a tip; clear your browser history if you want to remove traces of your connected account
  • remove just the 1Password account info from the history automagically
  • add a button to click to remove the browser history


1Password Version: none - linux
Extension Version: 0.9.3
OS Version: Linux
Sync Type: cloud


  • MitchMitch

    Team Member

    Hi @wimvmourik,

    Thanks for the idea and your concern. This is a tricky one; it's already too easy for people to lose their Secret Keys, so we certainly don't want to wipe out their browser storage and risk having them locked out of their accounts.

    We also have to make a reasonable assumption that you're only installing software, including browser extensions, on a trusted device. (I personally wouldn't recommend installing 1Password for Chrome on a computer you're borrowing, even if it's less invasive than installing the desktop app.)

    I think the best solution is the one we already have: the option "this is a public or shared computer" in the web app. Perhaps there's a way make that option more prominent or explain it better. It's something I'd definitely like to look into.


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