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We love 1Password for Teams! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!

In our Team, an Administrator, has to create different accounts for new team members during onboarding (AWS Account, HipChat Account, etc, etc.). Some services (like AWS) will generate passwords and API Keys which belongs to this team member only. As an Admin i want to create a new item in 1Password and want to share/send that item directly with the team member it belongs to.
At the moment, as a workaround, i create those items, send it to the shared Vault and tell the team member to move it into their private vault. Another workaround would be to create a Vault for every single team member and give permissions to Admins and this team member only. But it would be nice to have the possibility to share new items with certain team members only, without anyone else seeing them.

Kind regards

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  • rudyrudy

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    If you have a Teams Pro account then there is a beta feature that you may be interested in, If you go to Settings -> Beta and turn on Beta features it will enable you to do what you're requesting. After turning on Beta features you should see an icon on the detail view of each item, that resembles a box with an arrow pointing out of it. If you click that button it should present a menu, under which there is a "Send a copy…" menu item. That will let you send an item to a specific user on your team and have it appear in their personal/private vault.

    Let us know if you find any issues with it, we look forward to your feedback.


  • thomasfrthomasfr
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    Hey @rudy
    Sound like that is exactly what i want. Thank you for telling me!!
    So, i enabled Beta, Logged Out, Fresh Reloaded, etc. but i can not see the share icon. I think it should be next to the Favorite Icon, right?
    But, i can see the Flag in the React Component "showShareMenu", but it is false: :-(

  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @thomasfr! Sorry about the confusion. The send button is in the share icon as one of the options. Click the share icon and choose "Send a copy" then pick who you'd like to send it to. If you don't see the share icon, you may not have export permission on that vault, or a content blocker in your browser may be hiding the share icon.

  • ahhh, thanks. It was the AdBlocker blocking 'share.png' :)
    Thanks. Works perfectly.

    Will this feature also be available on the Desktop clients?

  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

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    @thomasfr : it's not currently available in the desktop clients. When/if we take that feature out of beta we'll look to add it to the clients then. Being a beta feature, we're looking for feedback on it as we aren't sure if what we built there is what people expect from it. So please do let us know how you like it.


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