I am taken to the account page of a site, not the homepage when I sign in

I have online subscriptions to the New York Times and the New Yorker. To sign into these sites, I go to the website, www.nytimes.com or www.newyorker.com, and click the sign in link on what you'd think of as the front page of the paper or the New Yorker's homepage. That takes me to a second page with log in and password boxes. When I enter these by hand, I am taken back to the front page of the Times or the links to articles at the New Yorker. When I use 1Password, however, I am taken to my account page, which lists my email, password, subscription type, etc. From there, I click on the banner to get to the homepage. How do I tell 1Password not to send me to the account page but to take the homepage where the articles are after it completes the log in? I want to get to the articles without the superfluous step of being shown my account page. I'm using 1Password 6.8.3 on a late 2014 Mac mini with OSX High Sierra.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @NickJupiter: It sounds like you don't have the right URL saved then. 1Password just takes you to the URL you've selected and tries to sign you in. Of course I may be misunderstanding what you're saying, but that's the best answer I can offer without some actual details:

    • What browser and extension versions are you using?
    • What's the URL you have saved in 1Password for these logins?
    • What URL are you ending up at after you sign in?

    It's possible that there isn't a solution since 1Password doesn't control the behaviour of websites, but it's something we can look into.

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