how do I move my 1password info from iphone to account?

I have been using 1password on my iphone for a long time now. I've just decided to open an account with you guys because it was sold as a solution to bring my 1password info onto other devices easily.

I don't understand how to get all the info from the 1password app on my iphone into my newly opened account.

1Password Version: 6.7.1 and 6
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: iCloud
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  • 1st: I've figured out how to make a back up in the 1password app on the iphone: open the 1password app, open the settings menu, open "advanced" at the bottom of the settings menu, click the, "create backup" button.

    2nd: I connect the iphone to itunes via usb, in iTunes I clicked on the little iphone looking icon near the top left (mine shows up underneath the "account" button on the screen), I select file sharing button on the left, I find the 1password app in the list, select that app, select the, "backups" folder, scroll down (drag and drop didn't work here), click the, "save to..." button, find a place on my computer to save it to.

    That's as far as I've gotten.

    It saved it as a .1p4_zip file. That doesn't appear to be one of the type of files that is used to import per the application in windows 10. I only see options to import .1pif files, .agilekeychain, and .opvault as accepted file types / suffixes.

    I'm pretty dissapointed to see that it is so difficult to move all my info from my iphone into your app and a new account that you want me to pay for.

    Also, I have yet to get in touch with anyone here. It's been an hour since my first post and your selling team availability at 24/7. It also took some work to get this far. I went in circles a couple of times before I was able to get to this forum and then I had to create an account for the forum? sigh.

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    @Steinie: While making a backup is always great, you don't need to do so (or import) in order to move your data. In fact, much of the migration process is handled automatically. You can find a handy guide to help you move your data to an account here. If you've already signed up for a 1Password account, you can skip to the Migrate your Data step. :+1:

    I am sorry it took so long to get back to you! We do generally have someone around no matter the time of day, but we do have fewer folks available evenings and weekends, so we may not be quite as speedy during those times. I'm one of our weekend crew, though, so I'll be here for much of today if you run into any trouble. :chuffed:

  • @bundtkate : Where is that hand guide? Did you intend to create a hyperlink with the word here? If so, It doesn't appear to have worked.

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    @Steinie: That would be because this tab apparently got stuck saving some edits there and I ran off into other tabs -- d'oh! Fixed, but for convenience here's the link: :+1:

  • @bundtkate I'm still getting lost: I'm following the instructions below:

    I get stuck on step 1, substep 7, "In 1Password, select “Scan your Setup Code” and choose “From clipboard”. I don't understand and can't find where I'm supposed to select, "Scan your Setup Code. It says in 1Password, but is that referring to the app in Windows, the app on my phone? or the account opened in the browser?

    Sign in and migrate your data

    Step 1. Add your account

    Get 1Password 6 for Windows, install it, and open the app.
    Select “Sign in to your 1Password account” on the welcome screen.
    If you’re using a proxy server, first select the settings button and enter your proxy details.

    In your browser, sign in to your account on
    Select your account name in the top right and choose Get the Apps.
    Right-click the Setup Code and choose Copy Image.
    In 1Password, select “Scan your Setup Code” and choose “From clipboard”.
    Enter your Master Password and select “Sign in”.
    Get help finding your Setup Code or Secret Key.

    Step 2. Import data into your new account

    Choose the settings button > Import.
    Select AgileKeychain or OPVault folder, then choose “Select a folder” and open your vault.
    Enter the Master Password of the vault you’re importing.
    Select the vault in your 1Password account where you want to import your data.
    Step 3. Uninstall 1Password 4

    If you want to remove 1Password 4 from your PC, go to Control Panel > “Uninstall a program”. Select 1Password 4, choose Uninstall, and follow the onscreen instructions.

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    @Steinie: You should follow the instructions for iOS for that step. Ultimately, yes, you'll want to sign in on Windows, but the migration portion needs to be done from the device that has your data (in this case, your iPhone). You'll sign in on Windows later on when you're setting up other devices. :+1:

  • I finally figured it out.

    I needed to go here

    and follow the instructions in the section, "To move items in the apps"

    click on the iOS button in, "Instructions for" area

    then follow those instructions using my iphone app.

    In my case I moved all my items from one vault to another. The vault that was made from the iphone app was called "Primary" and the vault that was made when I signed up for an account was named "Personal"

    So I moved all my items from my "Primary" vault to my "Personal" vault.

    Once that was done, my "Primary" vault was empty or had 0 items. So I deleted it to simplify things in order to have all my info in one vault available on my phone, computer, and (hopefully) the website logins.

    I was initially under the impression that I would have been able to access the vault that was created and stored on my iphone from my computer app and from the website account login. Is that not possible?

    Moving the items from the one vault to the other was pretty easy, but figuring out that's what I needed to do to achieve my goal and finding the correct instructions for it was way more difficult that I would have expected given the explanation in the sell.

    I just watched the video of how you guys would have intended me to do it. At some point I got off that track when I started using the app or new account, which I was lead to by something in your welcome stuff. This created a new vault which is why I wasn't asked to move the data from my phone into my account when I added the account to the phone app. Sigh.

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    @Steinie: I'm sorry it was such a struggle to find the right instructions! I, too, expected things to work a certain way and since, no matter how you added the account to your phone, you should have been shown a prompt to move your items to your account, I expected you hadn't done so just yet. :blush:

    That said, based upon your description it sounds like the new vault created was your Personal vault, correct? I know it might be a tough ask, but if you recall additional details about the process you went through that somehow missed the migration prompt, I'd love to try repeating it to make sure we don't have something going wrong here.

    I was initially under the impression that I would have been able to access the vault that was created and stored on my iphone from my computer app and from the website account login. Is that not possible?

    As you were set up initially, no. There are two ways to use 1Password: with a standalone vault or with a 1Password account. Before, you were using a standalone vault on your phone, which means it's only stored locally on your device by default. No data was saved on or synced in any way until you decided to sign up for an account and migrate your standalone data to your account. Now that you have migrated your data, of course, you can access your data in a web browser by signing in and on other devices by signing into the 1Password apps. :+1:

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