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amjbrownamjbrown 1Password touch Beta Team

I am probably being very dumb, but how do you get the 1Password extension installed for Edge?

Got to MS Store from Edge browser, and found 1Password. Clicking "Get" results in a "try again later", "something happened at our end" message. Unhelpful - even by MS standards!! Puzzled by the "this product includes an Edge extsnion" messages - am i trying to reinstall 1P again? I already have that - is there something in the desktop 1P I need to do?

I am running the latest version of 1P for Windows, 6.8.473 with a fully patched Windows 10 install.


1Password Version: 6.8.4723
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: 1Password account


  • brentybrenty

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    @amjbrown: I agree. That is is pretty unhelpful message! Make sure that you're completely up to date with Windows — especially that you have the latest version of the Store installed, as that will cause a lot of things to fail there if it is out of date. After that, when you view 1Password in the Windows Store, is it showing installed?

  • amjbrownamjbrown 1Password touch Beta Team

    Windows think I am up to date as of yesterday at 14:24.

    When I view that link, I get a screen which just has a "Get" button. Underneath is says "+ This product also contains an extension for: Microsoft Edge". Then the description is "Introducing the best veer 1Password sidekick for Microsoft Edge".

    So is this screen for 1Password the desktop app, or the extension?

    Either way, clicking on get results in the rather unhelpful message above!

  • amjbrownamjbrown 1Password touch Beta Team

    To be clear, I am a Mac user =, and only dealing in this to get 1Password operating at work. So please excuse the Windows in-expertise!

    The system requirements on the 1Password page in the MS Store says Windows 10 version 15063.0 or higher. My About box says Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1607, OS Build 14393.1170. Is that the problem? (there is a big cross by OS)

    If it is - how do I update, when Update says I am updated?!

    Trying not to be rude about Windows :)

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @amjbrown,

    You got it figured out, your Windows 10 Enterprise version is not yet updated to the newer Windows 10 feature branches. Believe me, it drives us a bit nutty too with up to 5 separate Windows versions that we have to maintain support for.

    Your IT department is using a special long-term-support (LTS) business branch that is designed to get all of the security updates and general improvements but not the latest feature updates for a longer period of time, such as 12-18 months.

    Microsoft updated Edge in the Creators Update (1703) that implemented the Native Messaging support we needed to support 1Password in Edge. Your company's branch is the Anniversary Update (1607) and not likely to be updated to 1703 or 1709 (Fall Creators Update) until next Spring or Fall.

    What's definitely wrong is that the Windows Store should not show you 1Password because it is not supported on your version but a direct link to the store might still show it. This is just the 1Password extension for the Edge, it installs a small Windows Store app that enables the 1Password extension for Edge and then enable the communication (Native Messaging) between 1Password in Edge to the desktop program running on your drive.

  • amjbrownamjbrown 1Password touch Beta Team

    Well my tech team have been super nice about going off-piste, and I am now part of the 1703 gang.

    Installed immediately, so that is just the worst error messgae in the world, and simply means (in this case) bad OS bozzo.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Awesome of your IT team to do that for you and I'm glad you're now using 1Password in Edge.

    We'd love to hear your feedback on it so far.

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