1Password filling causes Internet Banking malfunctioning in Firefox 57



1Password Manager and Secure Wallet installed in Firefox 57 is causing the internet banking app to fail. The failure appears like an issue with blocked third-party cookies, which actually are not blocked. The issue is, that the cookies carrying a path to the signing certifficate entered earlier and for whatever reason, with 1Password the path is not being found and so the app crashes.


  • just to add, Safari is working fine ...

  • Greetings @past,

    I have a couple of questions based on your report.

    1. Does the issue appear if you manually log into the site or does it only appear if you use 1Password to fill the page?
    2. Does the issue disappear if you disable (but not remove) the 1Password Firefox Extension in Firefox?
    3. Does the issue appear before or after you attempt to log into the site?
    4. What is the URL for this bank's login page?

    We'll have to investigate and any investigation will be aided by the answers to these questions. We may have a couple more as well before we're able to pin down what is happening and what might be done to correct it.

  • Hello LittleBobbyTables,
    thanks for getting back to me. Answering your questions:

    1. yes. The issue is persistent no matter how I log in. Actually, the 1Password plugin is not requested to fill any fields at the very moment of crash.

    2. yes, once the 1Password extension is removed, the issue web-site starts working normally. Investigating this with bank tech support, they initially suspected that third-party cookies are disabled, what they require for correct web-site operation (no, please don't laugh). But in this particular case it is not the case. The app does not work either 3rd party cookies are enabled or disabled. Safari works ok.

    3. the issue always happens after logging in. The procedure is:
      a. Logging in with no issues. The login is signed with my private cert., browsing to the folder where the cert is stored.
      b. filling a wire transfer order [hitting enter for the next page]
      c. loading the next page the whole thing creashes, signs-off the bank web-site saying the path to the cert is unknown or invalid. This next page contains the wire transfer summary, auto-filled cert path [known from the initial login], waiting for the cert. password to be entered. As soon as the password will match the cert, the wire transfer will be processed.

    4. https://www.mojebanka.cz/BusinessBanking/ [it is a Czech branch of Societe General]

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @past: Thanks for the additional details. I'm not sure how we can do anything with this given that we cannot test it ourselves, but it does sound like a runaway script on the page is having a bad interaction with 1Password. To be clear, 1Password does not deal at all with certificates or cookies in your browser. I'm glad to hear that disabling the extension temporarily in Firefox (or using Safari) works around it though. Have you tried it in Chrome?

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