Can't save or fill this connection form

On this website 1password never ask me to save my login and when i add the website manually the wrong fields get filled (email adress on the righ instead of left) and the password never gets filled. Mac os with Safari

1Password Version: 6.8.4
Extension Version: 4.6.12
OS Version: 10.13.1
Sync Type: 1pwd


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Malakof: Thanks for reaching out! I didn't have any trouble getting 1Password to offer to save, both using Return and clicking CONNEXION to submit the form:

    Can you be more specific about what you're having trouble with? Thanks in advance!

  • Deleted the entry for the website then relogin i got prompted and saved the login info. I disconnect, and press cmd-`to fill the form and i got the attached screenshot which doesn't work. Weird enough when i use the button on the toolbar the form fills correctly....!

  • Greetings @Malakof,

    I see the same filling as you and I suspect it might have something to do with their "password" field. When you first load the page you'll notice how all three fields have text inside the field to help identify the field's purpose. Instead of using the placeholder attribute, a feature of HTML designed specifically for this purpose, the password field starts of life as a text field and only changes to a password field after the first character is entered. 1Password struggles with pages like this where the fields dynamically change and are different at the time the Login item was saved versus what it looked like when the page was loaded.

    I believe with one small adjustment though we can get your Login item working.

    1. Edit the new Login item you created, the one you referred to in your post just now.
    2. Click the show web form details button.
    3. Locate the line titled mdp and click where it says password. In the list that pops up select the option text.
    4. Save this change.

    Do you find that after making this adjustment that the Login item correctly fills the two fields on the left and ignores the field on the right? What we did was we adjusted the Login item so it better matched what the page looks like when we analyse it to fill in contrast to what the page looks like after it has been filled. Normally, as in well over +90% of instances, we wouldn't need to do such a thing but here we do. My hope is this small tweak works as well for you as it seems to for me.

  • thanks, for the sake of finishing this thread, your tweak it's working.

    Is there any help on the mechanics of the webform details fields? In our example, though i didn't check, I assume mdp is the label of HTML pwd field but it doesn't match because the "Password" type doesn't match the HTML field type which is text actually, right? Why he still fills the one to the right seems odd though but obviously this login page is weird as well

  • Hi @Malakof,

    1Password utilises a number of filling strategies and at runtime decides which is most likely to succeed. When the field type for the password field didn't match the saved web form details it meant one particular strategy was eliminated from consideration and so 1Password fell back on others. To say with any degree of confidence why 1Password did what it did I would have to perform a number of tests and look through the code. What the tweak did was allow 1Password to consider the previously eliminated filling approach and as that approach now saw a page it understood it knew what fields it should fill.

    One thing I would say though is you do have to be very careful about making any edits to the web form details. 1Password can be very sensitive to changes and more often than not any changes can have a negative impact on filling. This is one of those (hopefully) rare cases where a small tweak in the right place helps 1Password cope with the needless dynamic behaviour exhibited by the page. At one point this was a known workaround to the lack of the placeholder attribute but we have it now and a page that uses it can avoid additional complexity as we've seen here.

    If you come across any other troublesome sites let us know :smile:

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