Will 1Password4 be supported (security patches) after 1Password 7 release?

After the release of 1Password 7 (with local vaults support), will 1Password4 for Windows still be supported (security patches)?
Does exist an end date for the support to 1Password4?


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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @agrifoni83 Thanks for the question. :) I don't have a specific end date for 1Password 4 for Windows support to give you, mostly because we don't do things that way.

    Typically, the release of a new full version signals the retirement of the previous version into "legacy" status. Not always, but that's a good marker to use. That does NOT mean all support for the older version is immediately dropped. Quite the contrary; we're quite conscious of the fact that despite releasing a new version of 1Password on any platform, many people are still using older versions of hardware, OS and our own software, so we provide both support in terms of answering email and forum questions and problems as well as providing critical security fixes. But once a product is in the legacy category, you can expect it to not receive any additional upgrades/innovation.

    The larger issue here is that we strongly recommend people not use older versions of security software; ours or anyone else's. As time goes by, the chance for not just code-based vulnerabilities but much simpler garden-variety incompatibilities with newer technologies (browsers, OS) increases the chance of problems to the point where our recommendation is to find a way to bring your installation of 1Password as close to current as you can.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    On behalf of Lars, you're welcome.

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