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  • I'd love to see a similar 1password mini anchor option on the windows side, or in the chrome extension specifically. The chrome extension on windows makes filling forms in manually extremely painful (like, 6 clicks per field), which is a bummer since autofill seems to work very infrequently for credit card forms.

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    @alexw10: I definitely hear you on anchoring. I'll often switch to my MacBook to complete certain tasks just so that I'm able to keep a particular item I'm working with open without tying up the main app, and miss this dearly when back at my Windows desktop. Mini and the Chrome extension are really interchangable terms here. The extension (no matter where you access it) gets its UI from the main app and has seen some love recently with updated search features and a bit of a redesign in 6.6 and we're definitely aiming to do more there in the future. For now, the focus is on 1Password 7, but this is definitely on my wish list, too. I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to the team.

    autofill seems to work very infrequently for credit card forms.

    This surprises me somewhat as I haven't had much trouble with filling credit card items. This is one of my favorite things about 1Password as it saves me not only from typing all of that nonsense, but also from having to figure out where the heck I left my purse when I want to buy something online. It would be great if you could share some examples of sites you've had trouble with so we can take a look.

    Finally, "the Chrome extension" has become something of an ambiguous term with the introduction of 1Password X. Even if you're using the standard 1Password extension right now, you might try 1Password X if mini features are important to you. You can use Ctrl + Shift + x to open it and it will save the view you were using when you close it for a time so you don't need to navigate back to your item details every time you need to copy a new field. You can use your arrow keys (or search -- just start typing) to find the proper item, then press the right arrow key to open the item's details. You can even copy fields without taking your fingers off the keyboard. Press enter to copy the field displaying the copy button (use the arrow keys to navigate to other fields). I hadn't really used this much before as I kind of like my mouse, but playing around with it just now might have converted me. :chuffed:

  • Thanks for the reply! It's a bit tough to quantify after-the-fact. I'm also not sure it's any worse on Windows vs Mac. My guess is that it's just more noticeable to me on Windows, because any CC form that doesn't work requires 2 minutes worth of "open 1pw/click CC section/type CC name/r-click CC/copy>field/back to form/paste/ repeat for name, number, cvc, expiration", where on Mac I just anchor the CC in question, cutting out 90% of that work.

    One specific example, the purchase form for United inflight wifi is what brought me here to post in the first place. Most MAJOR forms work fine, but I certainly find that little shops here and there don't, or older/more arcane websites from big companies that don't care much about purchase flow. Most typically, 4 of 5 fields work, but the number won't fill, or something along those lines. Which is the most painful, because you weren't expecting to have to dig the info back out again.

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    Hi @alexw10,

    Thank you for the additional info!

    We try to make 1Password extension fill your data on most of the webpages and forms out there, but obviously we can't cover all of them (some of those forms have their own quirks, so we have to deal with them individually). Please report those forms to us, so we could take a look.

    As Kate noted already, anchoring is definitely in our plans, but we do not have any timeframes for you at this point. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. We are open for discussions and conversations! :chuffed: Thanks!

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