"Never save for this site"-feature


Will 1PX get the same feature as 1P for Windows got recently, "Never save password for this site"?

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  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @nd3r: Thanks for getting in touch! Almost certainly. We want to make 1Password X as powerful as we can. Thanks for letting us know this is something you'd like us to add! :)

  • MitchMitch

    Team Member

    Hi @nd3r,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Would you be able to tell me a bit more about how you see this feature working in 1Password X?
    Unlike the 1Password extension for Mac and Windows, 1Password X doesn't automatically ask to save passwords on any sites.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Mitch: Good question. I had thought it would be nice not to offer to save a new login. If there's already a single login saved, and saving is disabled for that site, maybe clicking the 1Password icon would just fill and submit the form. :)

  • nd3rnd3r
    edited November 2017

    Hi @mitch and @brently,

    To respond to this:
    "Unlike the 1Password extension for Mac and Windows, 1Password X doesn't automatically ask to save passwords on any sites."


    I mean, what is the meaning of having an extensions which only fills the password/credit cards without having the features to save new logins etc?


    The reason this would be nice is because I use KeePass for work logins and 1Password for private use.

    When I visit a work site and login with KP then 1P immediately asks me to save the credentials for this site. This gets quite frustrating after a while.

    I love that you added "Never save this site" feature for 1P for Windows which fixes this issue for me but it would be very nice if I in the future could use 1PX only on my work PC and skip the desktop version.

  • I agree. I have several local web servers that I connect to using the localhost hostname or even the IP address. The passwords are stored under other names and I'd like to be able to specify that localhost or the localhost IP address never be prompted to save.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @nd3r: Sorry for the confusion there! 1Password X can be used to save logins:

    It just doesn't popup a window to do so automatically, the way you're accustomed to from the 1Password apps...and so, as Mitch mentioned, that's why there's currently not an option to tell 1Password X not to popup a window to save. As we develop future versions though, that may make sense. :)

    1Password X is about two weeks old now, and I can't say much more right now other than that there's a lot more awesome stuff we want to do with it. But it will take time. Our priority is login filling, since that's what people use 1Password for the vast majority of the time. But this is just the begging — literally, I suppose. Thanks for your interest and feedback, and being here with us using the new 1Password X! :chuffed:

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Pontoffel_Pock: As mentioned above, 1Password X does not do that right now, so it doesn't make sense to have an option for it to not do that at this point...but it's absolutely something we'll keep in mind for the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! :)

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