1Password For a Consultant/Customer Setup

I'd like to use 1Password to manage client passwords. My thinking was to create individual vaults for each client, and then assign individual customer accounts to each vault - but if I'm understanding the interface correctly, only groups can be assigned to vaults, In other words, users get assigned to groups, groups get assigned to vaults.

I was hoping to get this working under the standard plan ($5/month) - but it seems that the pro plan is required for either custom groups or vault-level access permissions.

Is my conclusion correct? That accomplishing my goal will require an upgrade to pro for all users? Which will probably be cost prohibitive for me :(

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  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

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    Hi @thegrif,

    Your conclusion is not correct, no.

    You can assign users directly to vaults, and is the recommended way of doing so outside of the Pro plan. I sounds to me like your desired setup would work. Here's how I'd see it working:

    • 1 TheGrifCo team
    • 1 vault per customer
    • 1 user per customer
    • You'd assign yourself (or the owners group) to every customer vault
    • You'd add the 1 customer to their vault, and decide whether they should have Read-Only or Read-Write access
    • You'd remove the Shared vault, as otherwise all of the customer users would get access to the shared vault and you probably don't want that.

    Does that sound like what you'd want? What I described there shouldn't require the Pro plan.


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