add or change something on ipad and don't sync

Later I add something to the iphone and sync will it overwrite the new information I added to the ipad?

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    @clarkp - Sorry to hear you're having sync troubles just now! I'm going to need a bit more information before I'm comfortable recommending any steps to you. To try to answer your question in a general way: 1Password shouldn't overwrite or delete data on its own under any circumstances, unless you specifically tell it to. On its own, the sync engine in 1Password is very conservative with your data, because we're well aware of the importance of the data most people store inside our application. When syncing or merging, if 1Password cannot determine the correct thing to do, it will make a copy of both records and you'll be faced with the chore of having to remove or merge some duplicates, rather than the potentially catastrophic situation of having had your data erased.

    Can I ask what devices you're using 1Password on, and what method of sync? Please include specific version numbers of both 1Password and the OS of the devices. Thanks!

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