I need help getting my old vaults on my iPhone and iPad to sync with a new account on a macbook

My iPhone and iPad vaults are from an account several years old, and do not sync together despite using the same passwords. I just got a new MacBook Pro, signed up for a new 1Password account, and am trying to get all 3 to sync without any luck despite looking at all your help info.

1Password Version: just downloaded today
Extension Version: 7.0.4
OS Version: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2
Sync Type: iCloud
Referrer: forum-search:I need help getting my old vaults on my iPhone and iPad to sync with a new account on a macbook


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    @vlj02 - If your iOS vaults are "several years old," then they are not from a 1password.com account, they are standalone (local) vaults. If they were never synced, that sounds as if you never accessed Settings > Sync and synced them up with one another. It's quite possible to have created separate vaults on different devices that have the same Master Password but are entirely unrelated to one another (even if you wind up putting some of the same data in both places).

    At this point, here's what I'd do I was in your shoes and the above comments of mine are correct:

    1. Sign into your account in a browser on 1password.com, and create two new vaults (the "New Vault" command is right up at the top left of the Home screen of your account). For clarity, consider naming them "iPhone" and "iPad" respectively (or something similar), to distinguish where the data in them is from.
    2. On each iOS device, go to Settings > 1Password accounts and tap "Add Existing Account," then either enter your account details manually or scan the Setup Code from your Emergency Kit and enter your Master Password to sign into your account on each device. You should see all of your 1password.com account vaults appear in each device.
    3. On each iOS device, follow these instructions to transfer the contents of your iOS devices' older, standalone vaults into the appropriate vault in your 1password.com account. When you're done with this, you should have your Personal vault (empty, or nearly so), and two other account vaults called iPhone and iPad (or whatever you named them, with all the data from each device. Please verify this in your browser on your computer - make sure the older standalone data is now in those two newer vaults.
    4. Assuming it is, on each iOS device, go to Settings > Advanced, scroll down and tap "Erase all 1Password data" in red at the bottom. You'll be asked to enter your Master Password to confirm this is what you want to do. After you do so, 1Password will erase all your data and return you to your device's Home screen.
    5. Tap the 1Password icon on your Home screen, and it will be as if you're a brand-new user of 1Password for iOS. Sign into your account, and you'll have ONLY your 1password.com account vaults in each device.
    6. On either of the devices (I'd choose the iPad just because there's more screen-space, but the choice is yours), go through the data in the "iPhone" and "iPad" vaults and compare them. You will need to manually determine if you have duplicates and if so, whether you need to combine data from one into the other, or just delete one of them.
    7. When you've gotten things whittled down, you can then move all the items into your Personal vault, and you'll have a single vault containing all of your data, trimmed and merged just as you like it.
    8. You can then sign back into 1Password in a browser from your computer and delete the now-empty "iPhone" and "iPad" vaults.

    Let us know how that works for you!

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