login item needs consider sub domain for login proposal list

hi guys, I have a problem - I am using for multiple applications multiple logins. But they all unter one main domain. E.g. application1.domain.com; application2.domain.com; application3.domain.com. In the while I have more than 15 logins for subdomains of that "domain.com", but 1Password proposes all the time entire list of logins of that main domain though each single login is valid only for a specific sub.domain. Is there any way to configure exact match down to sub domain for single login items? Thank you

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  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    1Password should be able to take your subdomain into account for suggesting matches. What version of 1Password are you using, on Mac or Windows or something else?

    Jamie Phelps
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  • Latest windows and latest mac, Same for iOS. But I need it only for specific domains not all at once

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    On Mac, be sure you have "Allow filling on pages that closely match saved websites" disabled in 1Password > Preferences > Browsers. I believe iOS does not yet distinguish like this, but that is something we want to add in the future. As for Windows, are you using 1Password 4 or 1Password 6?

  • Thanks, I am using latest Windows 6.8x - but that setting means it will be the case for all pages and login items, and not only for dedicated Items or domains.

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    @telephoneman: It's not something we have plans for, as, for the vast majority of users and use-cases, it's confusing and/or infuriating to not have their www.amazon.com login work at smile.amazon.com. I'm not sure what your use case is, and I'd be interested to hear it, but we really need to focus on what helps the greatest number of people.

  • Maybe this is an edge case. It’s just a bunch of applications hosted under one main domain , separated by sub domains. All web application, they are dedicated. Even several users and testing accounts per application. All of them different users and Password - so far I need to scroll the long list to pic the right user for that specific env. So far it Would be good to be able to define which URLs should be have exact manch and which not. Cause on pages like amazon I am using same login for all - there it would ne annoying if the exact match is enabled

  • brentybrenty

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    @telephoneman: Thanks for letting me know! I've got good news for you: if you follow Jamie's recommendation above in the desktop apps, that's already how 1Password works: it will show you exact matches for the subdomain at the top, above matches for TLD only. For example, I have a lot of logins involving agilebits.com, but here at discussions.agilebits.com, my forum logins are listed at the top above the rest. Now, that may mean you need to update some URLs to reflect the subdomains where you want to use these logins, but knowing is half the battle. And we'll certainly consider any ways we can improve 1Password's login filling workflow, so long as they can benefit the most 1Password users. Thanks for your feedback on this! :)

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