How do we convert from a standalone license to a membership

My wife and I each have standalone licenses, but I see now that there are memberships available for families. How can we set up a family membership under our current license and keep all of our vault information? We'd ideally like to make use of the automatic syncing feature that works across multiple devices.

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    @eden3668 -

    I see now that there are memberships available for families.

    There are indeed!

    How can we set up a family membership under our current license...?

    There are currently two ways to use 1Password:

    As a standalone product (this is what you currently do):

    • You purchase licenses for each platform separately.
    • These licenses include all in-version updates, but a major version upgrade (such as 1Password 7) may require a paid upgrade.
    • You choose how to sync your data. You can set up sync using a third party service (like Dropbox or iCloud.) If you do not set up sync, your data will remain on your device.

    With a 1Password account:

    • You sign up for an account at
    • Your subscription includes the 1Password apps across all platforms, with all updates and upgrades for as long as your account is active.
    • Once you sign in to your account in 1Password on a new device, all of your data is instantly available - no need to set up third-party sync.

    1Password accounts also include access to your data via a web browser, and per-item backups so you always have a safe copy of your data off of your devices, and can roll back to a previous version of an item if a change is accidentally made.

    However, as you can see, because standalone licenses and memberships are different things, you can't just "set up a 1Password membership under your license." However, there are many advantages to a account, and if you'd like to set one up, we'd be happy to have you as a member! You can head over to the main 1Password Families sign-up page, and you and your wife can each have a Private vault as well as access to the family-wide Shared vault. You can move your existing 1Password data to your account, and enjoy all the benefits. Let us know if you have any questions. :)

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