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So this has append twice now.
When I add a teem never I do so by sending an invite.
They click the link and follow the procedure that 1Password sets out.
Then to use 1paword they down load the software onto there iMac however this not in the 1pasward signup process but have downloaded it to use 1Password.
Then they install the plugin for Safari but again this is not a signup process.
As part of the international they are asked which folder they want to sinc with.
Of cours they don’t know this information I don’t know if they need it.
Any way there are now multiplayer folders on our Dropbox for 1Password which one do they choos if any?
The member I’ve most recently added once all the software was installed they could not acces there accout because ti didn’t recognise there master Pasword. Bizarrely when I was asked to have a look I tryed my master PW and loved in but to my Acc.
The two teem members still can’t sign in to the iMac App or plug-in but can sign in to the web based 1Password?
What’s gettimg off now wrong and why do we have multiple folders on DBox ?



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    Welcome to the forum, @chorleybunce! It looks as if you've posted this exact set of questions in an email to our support email address. You're welcome (encouraged, even!) to contact us in whatever way you prefer, but we'd appreciate it if you don't post the exact same questions in multiple venues, as it can cause confusion with two sets of answers coming in, and crossed signals. Since we'll likely be discussing details of your specific 1Password setup, I'd like to suggest we continue the conversation over there, instead of in this public forum. Someone will respond to you shortly via email. Thanks for your patience!

    ref: PJE-95428-895

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