Frozen Out of Account

I made the transition to annual about a month ago. Today I started receiving email. One from agile bits saying, "Hi John. Your free trial for 1Password has ended" (I didn't sign up for a trial, I was transitioning to another type of account and have been using 1Password for years. Another notice saying I was "frozen out". Another from Apple saying regarding my 1Password - "The following subscription will renew soon:
Annual Membership – January 26". Another from 1Password 4 days ago saying 4 days left on the trial I didn't sign up for requesting a credit card.

What's going on?


1Password Version: frozen out
Extension Version: frozen out
OS Version: 10.13.3
Sync Type: iCloud I thought


  • FWIW, I recently changed all my major account passwords so of course I can't access any of my websites, bank accounts etc.

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    Welcome to the forum, @johnwade! I'm sorry it's under such stressful conditions; let's get you sorted out as quickly as possible. I've shot you a quick email; let's continue the conversation that way, since we'll be talking about specifics of your account(s) which is not suitable for this public forum. Thanks!

    ref: SKQ-14427-776

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