Can't auto fill masked username

I have a website that I must use that masks the username field as well as the password field and I cannot figure out how to make the browser add-on fill the username field.

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Referrer: forum-search:username


  • Hi @jrork1,

    Are you finding 1Password is struggling even with a Login item saved inside the browser? Two password fields, one for the username is a little unusual but I would hope a Login item saved from inside the browser would work. This page, How to save a Login manually in your browser can show you how to manually save a new Login item to test this with. If that doesn't work how would you feel about sharing the URL of the site with us so we can take a look and investigate?

  • 1Password has saved both the login and the password on the page, but will only populate the password when selected. Can I share the URL using a less public channel?

  • Hi @jrork1,

    Sure :smile: You can email us at [email protected]. You should receive an automated reply with a ticket ID. If you post that ticket ID here we'll locate the email and look into it.

  • ZKD-92126-827


  • daltondalton

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    Got it! Thanks, @jrork1. :)

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