My HP laptop is not syncing with my Iphone 6 and/or my main HP desktop in my office.

My HP laptop doesn't share changes with my Iphone 6 and/or my HP desktop in my office. For example, I changed my Master Password on my desktop in my office but the new Master Password doesn't work on my HP Laptop.

Please advise. thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum, @Wesleyj! Sorry to hear you're having sync difficulties just now. Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to assist since you didn't include what type of sync you're using (Dropbox? A account? Something else?). In general, often, items not syncing are a function of not having the same vaults on each device, or one of the devices syncing to a different keychain (if you're using Dropbox).

    I'd like you to create a new Secure Note on each of your devices. Call each one something unique, so you can verify where it came from once sync occurs. I usually call them "From iPhone," "From PC laptop," "From desktop PC" or something similar. Give everything a few moments to sync, then let us know what the results are -- and what method of sync you're using. Thanks!

  • It started working. thanks for your help!

  • GregGreg

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    Thank you for the great news @Wesleyj! :chuffed: On behalf of Lars you are very welcome!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again in the future, we are always ready to help you with 1Password and you know where to find us.

    Have a wonderful week!


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