Microsoft Edge is not displayed on 1Password Downloads Web Page

Maybe I've overlooked but it seems the Microsoft Edge Plugin is not listed on:

[Get 1Password for your browser]
[Download Browser Extension] Button
Not using Chrome?
[Show all extensions] --- Link only shows Safari, Firefox & Opera ?

I now have Edge 1Password extension (though not auto filling at the moment), but after some digging about I realised it was in the Microsoft Store.

Perhaps make it more obvious to those who have not been keeping up with machinations of Microsoft and extensions for Edge.


1Password Version: 6.8.496
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 OS Build 16299.192
Sync Type: 1Password membership
Referrer: forum-search:edge


  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi there @martinr,

    Thank you for reporting this! :+1:

    1Password extension for Microsoft Edge is different from our classic 1Password extension, which is available on our Downloads page. Moreover, it requires 1Password 6 for Windows and 1Password membership at the moment, so we don't want to confuse people who are currently using standalone licenses and 1Password 4.

    Once we have a stable support for local vaults, standalone licenses, and accounts in 1Password 7 for Windows, we will make sure to make the situation with our extension for Microsoft Edge clearer and more obvious. We are making a great progress with it, so please stay tuned. :chuffed:

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with, we are always here for you. Thank you!


  • corourkecorourke
    edited February 2018

    For those of us who are power users can you make a direct link instead of making it impossible (which is the real confusion, why blame "confused users" for a basic inability to even link to a FAQ about the Edge extension?) People shouldn't have to come in and search the forums for this. Your support pages have nothing on it.
    Also, it's been over a year since the official mantra of "great progress" started. Maybe updating to illustrate you're moving slower than anticipated might be a good suggestion as well.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    @corourke: Like all Edge extensions, it's in the Windows Store. For power users, I don't think it's fair to characterize this as "impossible" to find. That said, we do want to better document the Edge extension and include a link of the extensions page. After all, it's not just for power users. That does require some resources be dedicated to changing how that page works, though. Right now, it detects what browser you're using and gives you a link to the proper extension directly from us. That's not going to work with Edge, so some tweaks are needed. I'm not a developer, so I'll refrain from guessing at how hard that is, but either way, it's something the team is aware of.

    As for "great progress," while I understand folks using standalone vaults may not see the progress that has been made with 1Password 6 for Windows, I still think it's a fair assessment. 1Password 6 effectively started from nothing and is a robust and mature app today. What's more, standalone vault support is well on its way and already being tested in the 1Password 7 alpha Greg linked above. I know I've mentioned several times that standalone vaults turned out to take longer than we had anticipated, but slower progress on one front does not negate everything else the Windows development team has accomplished. I know some features have been slower coming than y'all would like and we're sorry for that, but we're busting our butts still and we really are getting there. If you can tolerate the narrative for just a bit longer, you can decide for yourself whether I'm full of it before too long. :chuffed:

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