Password generation window does not display on second monitor

If i have 1Password in my second monitor, and i try and regenerate a new password there is an issue where the new password options window does not appear properly. It will display for 1/2 a second then disappear. Using a a test account i took 2 screenshots to show the example (so passwords listed on screenshot mean nothing

Here you can see the display of windows much further behind the 1Password application. This is how it appears on the second monitor.

And here is how it should look, which always works fine on the primary monitor

This issue also seems to happen about 80% of the time if i maximize the 1Password app the full screen option.

1Password version: 6.8.596
Windows: Win7Pro Build 7601 SP1
DirectX 11; Not sure if it matters but Video Card is NVIDA GeForce GTX 750 Ti ver; screen size 1600x900 on second monitor. while primary is 1920x1080

1Password Version: 6.8.596
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win7Pro Build 7601 SP1
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @mike_leger: I'm not able to reproduce this myself, but I'm on Windows 10, so that may well play a role here. One thing I did notice is that the password generator pops up on my primary monitor even when I'm using it on my secondary monitor. Let's do a bit more digging though. How are you opening the password generator? Extension icon? Mini in your system tray? Ctrl + Alt + \? Anything unique about your monitor setup? Mirrored displays? Primary monitor off? Different inputs maybe? May be much of this doesn't matter, but it's always better to have too much info than too little. Thanks! :chuffed:

  • edited February 2018

    i think i had a version typo, verison is 6.8.596

    I'm running Primary then Secondary. No mirroring. all other apps work fine; no similar problems in any other application

    I'm using the windows 1Password application that runs all the time. I just double click to sign in, and look at the password. i do not use the extension or through mini system tray icon.

    Primary monitor is HP, secondary is Samsung, again the secondary is a little smaller in size.

    Not sure if this helps but i'm running java 1.8.0_161

  • brentybrenty

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    @mike_leger: 1Password does not use Java, and given the security issues that can have I'd suggest uninstalling it. I don't know what "ver" is; 390.77 seems to be the latest release. Make you're you're up to date there, and also install the latest .Net release from Microsoft. Do you have any 3rd party software that's managing your displays or graphics? I'm not seeing anything like that here on either Windows 10 or 7, so there's probably something setup differently on your machine.

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