Error Sync with dropbox


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    Welcome to the forum, @aveco89! Thanks for the screenshot. Can you tell us a bit more about what's going on, and what steps you're taking (or trying to take) that led you to this point? Thanks.

  • Hey lars!! I have just restore my iphone to the newest version and I have just download the newest version of 1Password so... I was trying to make my first sync with my dropbox account and it shows me that error whenever i try to sync with my dropbox.... I also need to add that I can still sync my 1password account with my dropbox from my ipad version that it´s the 6.9

    thank you so much!!

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    Great, thanks @aveco89. At this point my recommendation would be to review all of the steps in this guide:

    If you're having trouble syncing with Dropbox

    Please let us know how it turns out. :)


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