How move Login + Document to another vault?

I add purchase receipts, usually email, to Software License items as Attachments. When I try to Share -> Move a License I don't expect to use any more to an "Obsolete" vault, an "Item Reference Found" dialog box pops up that says "This item reference will be lost in the move". How can I move the License and Document items together and retain the link between them?

1Password Version: 6.8.7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.3
Sync Type: 1Password


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    @normsky: Thank you, but unfortunately...

    @SVanDee: There is no way to retain item references between vaults. Each vault is encrypted separately, and when an item is moved from one to another it is in fact just being copied there and then deleted in the original location. And copying an item always results in a new UUID, so even if a link were technically retained, it would point to nothing, as the item is was referencing is not present there. It's something we'd like to be able to do in the future though, so perhaps we'll be able to come up with a solution.

  • So I could move the Software License item and the Document item separately and then link them manually. Right? Not gonna happen at least not routinely.

    I don't really understand Documents. Or Linked Items. Or any of the changes to 1P since Agilebits stopped maintaining actual User Manuals with Table of Contents, Indices, etc. I guess the Knowledge Base is supposed to serve tutorial purposes but I haven't had much luck learning from it. To take recent examples, searching for "Linked" or "Linked Item" on the Support page doesn't return a single reference to Linked Items. Searching for "Document" or "Secure Document" doesn't return a single reference to Document items. I've browed through the material from Get Started on the top level Support page down. It's good but stops at an elementary level. How do people learn all the capabilities in 1P?

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    @SVanDee - I'm sorry to hear you're finding our current documentation less helpful than previously. That's never a good thing to hear - that someone prefers how it used to be! I actually agree with you that we should do a more-thorough job of explaining the Documents category and how to use it -- and also the notion of linking items.

    To be clear, we historically have not explained each category of item that's possible in 1Password, in its own support page, because we feel they're for the most part self-explanatory. But Documents are new to, and they're a bit of a special case. In standalone 1Password, we were using Attachments. These were (and are, for the people still using standalone vaults) files which got directly attached to one specific record in 1Password. It was not independently searchable, and you couldn't find it or use it in any other context, since it was directly attached to whichever 1Password item you originally imported it into.

    With the dawn of, we realized we had an opportunity to do things in a much more flexible and useful way, and that evolved into the concept of Documents. Unlike Attachments in standalone 1Password, Documents are not imported directly into a single record in 1Password. They have their own UUID and are part of their own category (Documents), which means they're independently searchable, and not dependent on the item to which they're imported.

    I do what you do as well: I attach the receipt (pdf or jpg or even email message) to the Software License item, in case I need it later. In standalone 1Password, that screenshot or pdf was literally PART of that one single Sofware License item. Which was sometimes a pain because if you purchased, say, one of those nifty semi-annual packages where you get licenses for eight or ten applications for $50, you either had to import that same confirmation email ten different times for each of the different sofware license items in 1Password, or you had to leave yourself a reminder of which one you imported it into. Those were the limitations of direct attachments. Now, with the magic of Documents and Linking, you can do it like this: import a single pdf with all those license keys as a Document, then in each Software License, just click "Link Existing," and choose the receipt document. Voila! Ten links to a single Document, instead of cumbersome notes or ten different copies of a single pdf.

    But Links don't stop there -- you can actually link ANY items together, it doesn't just have to be a scanned receipt and a Software License. You can, for example, link your bank account Login item to the actual bank account item in the Bank Accounts category, for instance. Or any other sorts of relationships your digital life requires.

    Thanks for posting this, and for the suggestion. I hope the above was useful.

    ref: web/

  • Thanks a lot for the excellent tutorial. I hadn't realized how useful being able to link multiple items to the same document might be. I gather from other Forum posts any document can be stored in 1P for safe keeping even if it's not "attached" to/Linked from any other item. Great idea. Unfortunately, my Documents list is so cluttered with purchase receipts and the like, it would be hard to find any standalone documents. Maybe I need to use Tags to categorize documents.

    I had noticed that items can be linked to any other items, not just Documents, but hadn't thought how that might be useful. Thanks for the example of linked bank Login and Account items. Now I can think of lots of other, similar uses.

    I've wished multiple Login items could share a single set of credentials for a long time. The Link mechanism almost gets us there. I created YouTube, Mail and Map Login items that all Link to the same, Google Item. Then when I enter "you" in the browser extension and hover over "YouTube" in the drop-down list, the YouTube Login item pops up. Then if I click "Google" in the Related Items, the Google Login pops up. The only thing missing is some way to tell 1P to get the credentials from the Linked item instead of going there. (Yes, I do know a single Login item can include multiple URLs. That was a very helpful enhancement to 1P a few years ago but it's still more awkward than just entering a name directly in the browser extension.)

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    @SVanDee: Glad Lars was able to help give you a good overview of Documents. Like you mentioned, I find it helpful to use tags to organize things. It can definitely be overwhelming at first because of how flexible both tags, Documents, and linking are; it makes it hard to know where to start. But once you decide on how you want to handle something in particular you can build on that.

    For example, I use the names of credit cards as tags to help me easily find the accounts that have them setup for payment. That way it's easy for me to know where to update my payment details when I get a new card.

    One thing I definitely don't use linking for though is what you're describing: 1Password has already supported multiple URLs in a login for years. I think that YouTube isn't a great example since you won't ever actually be logging in at a URL, but from But the point stands: if you have login credentials that apply to multiple websites, you can add the URL for each to that login item so it will be available at all of them. For instance, American Airlines has a number of very different domains they use, so I've saved them to my login for that. And that way if I change my password for that account, I don' have to update it in multiple login items, just the one. And remember you can also use things like titles, URLs, notes, and tags to make it easier to find things too. For example, if your Google login also includes a YouTube URL, you'll be able to find it easily in a search that way.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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