Passport and driver's license and SSN disappeared

Have moved from standalone 1Password to family membership. Driver's License, Passport and SSN categories have all disappeared (and all the associated data in them is gone (i.e., not in Trash). Please advise.

1Password Version: 6.8.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OSX 10.11.6
Sync Type: Membership
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  • Sorry... more information. Under the old Primary Vault on the standalone version, I have a bunch of categories which don't seem to be available in the new family membership vaults. I have Wireless Routers, Driver's Licenses, Passports, Social Security Numbers, Software Licenses. After moving to 1Password membership, the categories on the website appear limited to Logins and Passwords, and in the App, under the new vaults I see only Logins, Secure Notes, Credit Cards, Identifies. I still have one computer in which I did not delete the old vaults after migration, so I can still see them. One the other computers, now that the old Primary vault is gone, so is the information associated with the old categories..... I want this information available across all computers/mobile devices....

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    @spmcc123 - 1Password accounts most definitely support all of the same categories as standalone 1Password, so I'm not sure what happened in your case. I have my driver's license, passport and credit cards all successfully migrated over from previous standalone vaults into my 1Password Families account, and working fine. I'm glad you still have the items on one device (though to be thorough, I think it's probably still saved in backups on other Macs or PCs as well, as 1Password makes daily backups of your standalone data). Can I ask what steps you took to move your data from local vaults into your 1Password account? Was it something like this? Or did you do it some other way?

  • Hi Lars. Thanks for quick reply. I did figure it out. Using the old vault - where all the categories were present -- I "moved" the items individually to the new vault, and now they appear as categories. I guess I was confused because, if I remember correctly, in the original standalone version many of these categories were visible from the start in the left-side panel (so encouraging one, for example, to add passports, driver's licenses, etc...) and in the vaults which appeared under the family version they were not visible at the start but appear as one adds items from the "+" button. All good now.

    Yes, part of the problem was with migration. Either because I was having a "stupid day" or was jet lagged or was juggling too many computers, the initial migration was problematic. I migrated because I am moving to a Linux Mint laptop and the only way to keep using 1Password (which I love) was to get X and use Chrome (and that sucks, since moving to Linux is a tool for getting away from Google as well as Apple - in my professional circles most of us are using open source software for as many applications as possible.... so I am eagerly awaiting a 1Password build for Firefox on Linux....). So I set up the account while using the Linux machine, and then later tried to move everything over while back in the standalone app on the Mac and kept having trouble finding and using the QR code... Finally got it...

    On my wife's machine I followed the instructions right the first time and managed to move vaults and delete the old accounts. On my own MacBook, I seem to be stuck with the old vaults ("Primary" and one other) as well as all the new ones. I am assuming that, if I delete all the items in them, I might be able to delete the vaults... yes?

    The other question I have is about having both the regular 1Password add-on and the 1Password X add-on in Chrome.... No problem or should I remove the non-X?

    Sorry for mixing up so many questions in one post!

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    @spmcc123 - thanks for the clarifications.

    I am assuming that, if I delete all the items in them, I might be able to delete the vaults... yes?

    If you look in 1Password for Mac's Preferences > Advanced, you'll see a checkbox labeled "Allow creation of vaults outside of 1Password accounts." Yours will be checked, because you already had local vaults first, and later added your account. But it will be grayed out unless you only have the Primary vault and no others. If you have multiple vaults, you'll need to remove the items from each of them, then - making sure only that vault is selected in the Vault Menu (top right of the main 1Password window) - go to 1Password menu > Delete __(name of vault)__ vault. Do this until you have only the Primary left, then return to Preferences > Advanced and you'll be able to un-check that box, which will delete Primary and deactivate the creation of any more local vaults.

    The other question I have is about having both the regular 1Password add-on and the 1Password X add-on in Chrome.... No problem or should I remove the non-X?

    It should be no problem...but 1Password X is quite new, and it's generally considered not great to run two items that try to do the same thing. That said, I've done it myself, and it's seemed to work OK - and in theory there shouldn't be a problem - but be aware that this is "we're not totally certain yet" territory. If you can use different Chrome profiles, that might be best -- or perhaps turn off extension syncing on the Mint box, assuming you don't have a ton of other extensions you rely on (as Chrome doesn't allow you to toggle syncing on just one item; you have to do all or nothing). If none of that really works for you, you could give it a try with both -- since the canonical record is the servers anyway, I can't see any problems that would result in data corruption or loss.

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