Sharing feature that share only one Login / Password item

Is there any kind of feature that do the trick?

I am thinking about one use case:

  • Your spouse need help you deal with your Amazon order, you have to share the Amazon account to her/him
  • You two have a shared vault for some home related account such as Shared Air Miles account
  • You don't want he/she have access to the Amazon account all the time. Just to avoid she buy a lot of stuff through your account. But she really need to now, for few mins.
  • You can do, right now, copy the account to the shared one, but you don't want it stay there forever, so you have to delete that after she finish using it.
  • You need a time driven shares for only Amazon account. Something like share it for 10 mins / 30 mins, or share it only on 1st of each month, or share it between 10am to 2pm?

Is that possible to do it?

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  • One more thing that I am looking for is location based shares or device based shares, or even some setting that allow you to account certain vault / account on iOS but all accounts / vaults on MacOS

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @SharkIng

    We don’t currently have anything like that. The difficulty with doing as you say is that really the only way to revoke someone’s access to a service that they previously had access to is to change the password. There is no way to allow them to login to an account where they don’t have access to the password. Once they have the password there is nothing stopping them from using the account indefinitely, at least until the password is changed.



  • Hi Ben,

    Thank you so much for the reply.

    I understand that when you share the password, then they probably just write it done. Which doesn't make different even when you revoke the account to the shared item.

    How about another use case:

    • I am using two different account with in one family account for personal and work, two different private vault so I can keep things separate.
    • Both account have a shared vault connected together for sometime shared some credential around. But both account is under myself (and only me) control.
    • At some point, I need to account to one personal account (says Gmail) while i am working and on the work computer. Or on the other way, I need to access to one of the work account while I am home and using the personal laptop. It's only for emergency access and it probably just one time access in few weeks. I could copy the credential to the shared one, but I don't want either computer have it forever.

    Is that possible to do it? Is that a good use case for a new feature? Or could you please suggest some way to make sure both account have the maximum security but still can be sharing around when it's really necessary.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @SharkIng: Whether you sign into the account in the app on a device or in the browser, you can always sign out completely (more intuitive in the app, but in the browser you can check the "public computer option" so that no account information is stored there once the session ends. Does that help? We definitely do not recommend signing into your account or accessing any sensitive information on a device that someone else owns or controls though.

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