Resetting or recovering a Maser Password without ever having used the 1Password app/extension?

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Dear Agilebits Support,

I signed up for a Families Account a week ago and I don't remember my Maser Password at all. I only signed in using the web interface. I didn't download any of the apps to my computer or my smartphone or install the browser extensions.

I know the email address I used to sign up, know my Families Account login URL and my Secret Key.

How do I reset my Master Password? None of the resources listed in the Knowledgebase related to the Master Password seem to address the particular issue I'm experiencing, in which a Master Password was created via the web, but the password was never saved any 1Password application or browser extension.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac OS X
Sync Type: Not Provided

ref: DTX-65527-543


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    Hi @tjohnsoniii

    It appears you’ve also emailed us with this same inquiry and Corey has been working with you via email. We’ll continue the conversation there. Thanks.


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