How does family member share their own files with family organizer?

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I am family organizer. I understand how to selectively share my own files with family members, but how do those family members select and share THEIR files with me?

1Password Version: 6.8.8 and Account
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.3
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    @Chris_Journal - I'm not quite following you. Sharing -- both from you to other family members and from them to you (and each other) can be accomplished by means of the Shared vault. Put whatever items you wish shared with the family into the Shared vault, and everyone will have access to it.

    If someone in the family has a particular, private item that they want to share with you only, you can create a vault called "Shared with X", then invite only that person to the vault, and put any items you want to restrict to only you and the other person in that vault. Be aware that any other family member with Family Organizer privileges would also be able to view this vault if (s)he chose.

  • I understand how I can share my files, but a family member (spouse) wants to share her entire database with me (organizer). I don't see any tab/command/whatever on her computer (Mac) to allow my wife to share her files to either my Shared folder... or any other. How does she do this?
    Assuming there is a way and I'm just not swift enough to see it, can she do a database dump into the "shared" folder, or does she have to copy items over one by one?

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    Sharing works the same way regardless of if you are a Family Organizer or not... How are you sharing your items with your spouse? For them to share items with you they would follow the same procedure.


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    @Chris_Journal -- 1Password Families isn't really set up for people to do things this way, since it's presumed each person will have some personal logins and other items they want to keep private -- not because they're trying to keep secrets from one another, but because, for example, each person in the family may have a gmail account and a facebook account -- and it can get confusing if there are four or five items all called "Facebook" in a Shared vault. Autofill would show you a menu instead of filling your item, and other annoyances.

    The Shared vault is a place to put things everyone needs access to, like the family Netflix password, or garage door codes. It's not designed for people to dump their entire personal databases into -- unless that's what you really want to do, in which case everyone would be able to see/use everyone else's data.

    What you can do - if the other family member agrees - would be my second suggestion from my previous post: create a vault called "Shared with X" and have him or her move all item in the Personal vault into that newly-created vault. Make sure you and that other person are the only people invited to that vault. Then, (s)he will be able to continue using the data, and you'll have access to it as well, without having to put the items into the Shared vault that the entire family has access to.

  • Appreciate your patience and input. Lars, I can see you took time with your reply - thanks for making things simple.

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    @Chris_Journal - you're quite welcome, thanks for the kind words! Let us know if we can assist with anything else. :)

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