Bought Win & iOS versions - ? RE: Subscription


I purchased 1Password for Windows about 4 years ago and the iOS version about 3 years ago (paid for the Pro features that is) for my iPod 6 and was wondering what I would get with an additional subscription.

I do not have a Mac. I just use it on my Win10 box & my iPod and I am the only one using it.

Am I correct in assuming I wouldn’t really be gaining any benefit(s) that would suit me at this time with a subscription since I purchased each separately?


Tim Dickerson


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    Hi @n9nu,

    You're free to keep using 1Password 4 for Windows (that's what you'd have purchased 4 years ago) and 1Password for iOS. If that works for you, then that's awesome.

    That's not to say that there aren't benefits to upgrading to a 1Password membership. Let's start with 1Password for Windows. You're currently using version 4 and while that works, 1Password 6 (and soon 7!) are oh so much better. They're far faster, they integrate with browsers better, they have a slew of new features to top it off they're a heck of a lot prettier.

    1Password for iOS also gains some features by going the 1Password membership route. For example you can attach photos to items. For example I've attached a photo of my passport to my Passport item.

    1Password accounts have a lot to offer just in general. Where it really shines is with 1Password Families. It's never been easier to share passwords with your significant other. Choose exactly what you want to share and how you want to share it (for example some things can be read-only). By building everything from end to end in 1Password we've been able to make the experience of syncing data between devices and people so much better. It feels magical compared to the old Dropbox or Wi-Fi sync.

    It's a testament to the quality of Stefan's work (the primary developer of 1Password 4 for Windows) that you're still using it and considering sticking with it. It was a really good piece of software. I think that there are really great reasons to upgrade to the latest and greatest though, and that's a 1Password membership.


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