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It's pretty sad. I think a company who makes product for 3 different OS's chooses to take pictures of employees "everyone switching to MAC" That is bad business. You should work in tandem to fix all three problems with all 3 OS's. I use all 3. I know firefox upgrades can be a nightmare, but you can drive people away when you just work and promote MAC. Are you guys still mad from 10 years ago when they would not support MAC so much? Is it windows users this time. Please point me in the the direction in the forum where it talks in detail about firefox, 1password, windows and chome? Thanks


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    Hi thebedbug, welcome to the forums.

    I split your post and moved it to the Lounge forum as your post is not related to the announcement topic.

    I'm not sure you're referring to. Which problems are you talking about and what pictures of employees switching to Macs? The 1Password for Windows development is headed by a different development team that's in constant contact with the Mac development team. We have separate forums for Windows users on the main forum:

    Anything related to 1Password for Windows will be discussed in that forum. The listing of those forums are sorted by the number of support requests we get, so it is not intended to show how much focus we have on each platform.

    It is not our intention to appear that we're promoting Macs over any other platform. If there are news related to Windows, we will promote it just as we do for Mac. Right now, the majority of our news is focused on Mac because of the recent major changes we have made to include support of the new Lion OS, Safari 5.1 and Firefox 6. There haven't been anything new on Windows, the 1Password for Windows continues to support Firefox 6 with the same extension and no major changes.
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