I bought 1Password on 7/4/14 and have lost the email with the license number. Please help.

I'm setting up my new iPhone X. iOS 11.2.1.
The mobile 1 Password app is requesting information which I no longer have access to.
Firstly I have lost the email from Agile Bits with the license number. Please can you help me retrieve the number?
Also, besides the license number, the mobile app is requesting a 'Secret Key' which I don't have nor have I ever set one up.
I do have the original receipt from iTunes if you need it.
I really hope you can help me.
Many thanks.


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    Hi @bettinamc,

    1Password for iOS does not use / have a license number. Purchases from iTunes are tied to your Apple ID rather than any such number. Additionally only 1Password subscription memberships have Secret Keys. If you would like to sync data that is not part of a subscription membership to the device please see this guide:

    Sync your 1Password data

    I hope that helps!


    ref: PAP-65199-875

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