Application login doesn't work because ....

... the Windows-application - a home banking program - upon each start changes its "identification".-
I'm working with 1pw under Windows 10 pro x64 (v1803). The banking program is called TopBanking (made by Subsembly, Germany) and - as I found out - changes its "identification" upon each start. The last identification appearing in 1pw is "HwndWrapper[TopBanking.exe;;00989f18-c7b7-4717-bf96-509de99ecb0d]". 1pw worked well for this session after I had created a new application login for this identification. After the next start of TopBanking 1pw could not login automatically. I checked the idenfication of TopBanking by creating a new login again and found that the hex-number after the ';;' had changed. After having done some more tries I'm sure that TopBanking upon each start creates a different hex-number.
Is there any around this? I already tried to replace the hex-number simply by an asterisk (*) as place-holder, but this doesn't work. Is there any other workaround?
Or has the TopBanking program to be changed/fixed?
I would appreciate your help very much!

1Password Version:
Extension Version: not applicable for app-login
OS Version: Win10prox64 (v1803)
Sync Type: local vault only


  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @Alt68er: With 1Password 4, I don't see a ready workaround for this. Auto-Type works by saving an identifier for the app you created that Login for, just like the extension saves a URL for a web-based Login item. Again, like 1Password won't fill your Login on a website that doesn't match the saved URL, 1Password wont auto-type into a Window it doesn't recognize as being the proper app you associated that Login with. I won't pretend to understand TopBanking's reasoning for rotating its app identifier, but if it changes every single time rather than rotating a set list of hex-numbers, we won't have a good way to create a Login item that will work consistently. :frown:

    In 1Password 7 for Windows (currently in beta), we've introduced a new feature called Type in Window. Rather that relying on app identifiers, this essentially is 1Password automating a copy/paste into the window you have focused. In most cases, it's more limited than auto-type, but in this case, it may serve you better. :chuffed: One thing to keep in mind, though, is that this is a very new feature and because it relies on focus, can be a bit fussy. Certain apps clear your focus when you invoke mini, for example, so your mileage may vary some if you decide to give it a try.

    If you're sticking with 1Password 4 (or type in Window is no better), my best recommendation would be to bring up mini with Ctrl + Alt + \ (or your chosen keyboard shortcut) and copy/paste your credentials into TopBanking from there. :+1:

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