Editing config files to change GUI options - e.g. Font size, spacing, etc ?


I was wondering if there were any user modifiable config files that I could edit to change a few GUI settings such as toolbar icon size, spacing, account category font size and spacing, etc.

While these are certainly in no way a hinder in anyway, I just wanted to do an overall 'make everything smaller' type edit just for kicks. If not, then no biggie....maybe I could suggest or request rather a possible toolbar icon size option in the future or something....or maybe an option to download user created color/icon themes to match a certain style desktop theme within Win 7.




  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Welcome to the forum, Tim!

    There are no "sizing" options, "themes.," or "skins" in 1Password for Windows at this time. We'll treat the question as a feature request.

    Thanks for using 1Password!
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