my 1password is not sincronized. I dont have the same info in my computer and in my cell phone

I have 1 passwords on my cell phone, my desktop and my MacBook. the info on each is not synchronized. I have 80 items in my cell phone and 61 on my desktop

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  • 1 password in my pc 6.2.333d
    windows 10 home
    info in dropbox

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    Hi @dberaja,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    There are two reasons for this; you're using an outdated version of 1Password 6 (we're at 6.8.534) and 1Password 6 does not support syncing via Dropbox, the standalone vaults were originally read-only support in the initial 1Password 6.0 release. The said support was later removed in 1Password 6 updates to allow us to build complete support for standalone vaults in 1Password 7 that's in beta right now.

    If you wish to sync via Dropbox, you can either update to the latest 1Password 7 Beta for Windows or use 1Password 4 for Windows.

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