Version number in application name

When 1Password installs, it is installed with a version number (eg. 1Password 6, 1Password 7) in my ~/Applications folder. I have two questions about this.

1) Can I safely remove the version number from the application name? (rename "1Password" to "")
2) When an update is released, does this then get installed replacing the renamed version, alongside the renamed version, or renaming the renamed version (...) back to "1Password"?

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  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @robdejonge - In general, it is a bad idea to rename applications in your Mac's Applications folder. Many dependencies have hard-coded references to the application bundles here, and they don't dynamically update to take into account whatever you've changed the name to. In the case of 1Password in particular, the application title 1Password is reserved for the Mac App Store version of our app. The number-iterated version refers to the version downloaded directly from us.

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