Wrong master password on 1password.com after upgrading to family plan

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I have a problem on singing in to my 1password.com family account since I upgraded my account from personal plan to family account.
I am sure the credentials (email, secret key, master password).
Here is what I tried.

  1. OSX 1password app is working. "Working" means, I can unlock the app with "master password" and add an new item(e.g. secret note) to my vault on 1password.com.
  2. Android 1password app is also working. I can unlock the app on android with the same "master password" as the OSX one of course and see the newly added secret note from my OSX 1password app. I confirmed the sync is working with 1password.com account, not with W-LAN server or etc, because I added the item to the vault managed by 1password.com.
    3.On https://my.1password.com/signin and https://[removed].1password.com/signin , I can not sign-in with the master password and secret key I got from OSX 1password app.
  3. On OSX 1password app, I tried to change password from "Preference" -> "Account" -> Select my family account. [EDIT START] The error "Current password is invalid" is shown when I enter my master password. What does the "password" means there? Is it not the same as "master password"? [EDIT ENDS]

Actually, I changed my account from personal to family today. I don't think I updated my master password then, though.
(FYI, I am still in free trial period of 1password.com subscription)
On OSX 1password app, the sign-in address is still https://my.1password.com/signin, not my family domain ([removed]). Should that sign-in address be "https://[removed].1password.com/signin" instead?
Or am I missing something else?

I am able to use 1password app alone but the problem is that my family can not join because I am lock out of 1password.com.

My email address for 1password.com is the same as the one for this forum.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

1Password Version: 6.8.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OSX 10.13.4
Sync Type: 1password.com


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    @ikazoy: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! When you change from an individual 1Password membership to any other plan, you choose a custom sign in address for it. You will not be using https://my.1password.com any more, as that is used only by individual accounts. You'll need to sign into the new address you setup. Does that help?

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