secure notes truncated

Secure notes are truncated and unusable as such. They used to work fine, but now the text lines do not wrap and info falls off when it extends beyond the data box. I see others had this problem in 2017, but I don't see a solution.

1Password Version: 6.8.8
Extension Version: 1Password Version 6.8.8 (688001) Mac App Store
OS Version: OS 10.13.4
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: forum-search:notes truncated on ipad


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @gsetser: Could you please clarify what you're seeing? If it's simpler, take a screenshot of this. To include it in your reply, simply click the document button in the top of the comment field, and select the file you wish to share:

    Just be sure not to post anything sensitive, as this is a public forum. Also, please clarify the version you're using. You've posted in the iOS category of the forum but included version information for the Mac. Thanks in advance!

  • This seems to have resolved itself and, yes, it was on the computer not IOS. The 'notes' category within a new document did not appear when I tried to create a new 'secure note'. It simply was not there. I deleted that one and created a different one and the 'notes' option appeared as it should at the top of the new 'secure note'. Thanks.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Thanks for letting me know. It sounds like you should be all set, but we're here if you encounter any further issues. Have a great weekend! :)

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