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I have just bought a family license. I have set myself up with dropbox, android app and my facebook login is now 1password protected. I want to do the rest of my accounts but am faced with a problem.

I want my partner to use 1password too but we both use the same PC. We have logins on many similar sites and we both like using Chrome.

How can we separate out 1password keys, so that dependant on who is using the PC we can both login to facebook/twitter/bank accounts etc. with our respective 1password keys?

I can see how to have multiple instances of dropbox on the same PC so that they key for each of us can be in our respective dropbox accounts.

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    Welcome to the forum, Pete!

    If you and your partner have separate Windows logins, you're set. That's because separate Windows logins give each of you a separate C:\...\My Documents\My Dropbox folder.

    You'll each need a separate Dropbox account, too, which you'll each set up independently as described in the following documents:
    With 1Password and Dropbox set up in this way, it'll be as if you have separate physical machines. It also means that only one of you will be sync'ing with the 1Password app on a given mobile device.

    On the other hand, if you want to share your 1Password data, you'll set things up using the same Dropbox account. That means each of you will have full access to the entire 1Password data folder, so you'll have to create two Login items (one for each of you) for any site you both visit with separate accounts (like Facebook).

    Likewise, if you have only a single Windows login, you'll be using a single local Dropbox folder, and you'll have to create the same kind of "mine" and "yours" Login items for sites where you have separate accounts.

    I hope that makes sense, Pete. Let us know if you have any other questions.
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