Way to turn off auto-saving of generated passwords?

This kind of drives me insane and I'm not sure what the purpose is of this to be a feature that's on by default. Generally I'm using the Chrome plugin on Windows. I use 1password to generate all of my login passwords, but then afterwords I always have to go in and delete the generated password. Why have 1pass create both an entry for a login as well as the password? Just seems to add more clutter. Would be nice to be able to disable this and continue using the password generator without it saving automatically.

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  • Hi @jorenrapini,

    By any chance are you running 1Password 6 for Windows?

    I doubt we'll ever stop the generation of the Password items, they're an important safety net when using the Password Generator but there is an sensible task that 1Password 6 for Windows doesn't do yet, one already present in the Mac version. On the Mac any time you use the Password Generator from inside 1Password mini it generates the Password item, adds the URL for the currently open tab in your browser and titles it accordingly in case you need to locate it later for any reason. If everything runs smoothly and you're prompted to save or update an existing Login item 1Password for Mac will remove the now redundant Password item, its purpose having been fulfilled. It's this last part, the automated removal that still needs to be implemented in 1Password 6 for Windows and it is on the to-do list. For the moment it does require manually purging the items but I would rather manually delete a few items that have to dance through any security measures because of a lost generated password because we didn't have that layer of protection in place.

  • Ok, cool, that sounds like it would solve my problem. Yes, it's 1password 6 on Windows.

  • brentybrenty

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    Indeed, sorry for the confusion there. This is definitely on our radar. Even though it's important that we have them, they do get in the way a bit. That's something we'll be changing in a future update.

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